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How High Volume Outbound Calling Made Easy with AI Parallel Dialers

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Outbound sales calling remains an essential activity for driving pipeline and revenue growth. However, manual calling is inefficient for high volume lead engagement. Lengthy downtime between calls coupled with constant rejection can make dialing feel like a frustrating grind for sales reps. .

AI-powered parallel dialers provide a solution to help reps maximize their productivity. By automating the monotonous dialing process, parallel dialers enable reps to have exponentially more conversations in far less time.

In this post, we’ll explore how parallel dialing technology works and its key benefits for high volume outbound calling.

What is Parallel Dialing?

Parallel dialing allows multiple calls to be placed simultaneously, in contrast to single line sequential dialing. Using VoIP technology, parallel dialers can automatically dial up to 10 phone lines at once per user. The key components of a parallel dialing system include

  • Automatic Dialing- The system dials through a lead list on multiple lines using predictive algorithms. No more manual dialing required.
  • AI Call Filtering- Automated intelligence screens out common dead ends like busy signals, voicemails, and disconnected numbers.
  • Real-Time Call Transfer- Live calls get instantly routed to available reps while other lines continue dialing.
  • Visibility and Control- Reps can see call outcomes, select records to skip, and take notes within the dialer interface.
  • CRM Integration- Lead data and call results sync automatically with CRM platforms like Salesforce. 

Parallel dialing aims to maximize the number of live conversations reps can have by eliminating all the wasted downtime in manual calling. The technology does the work of dialing and filtering, so reps only need to focus on pitches and calls.

The Benefits of Parallel Dialing for Outbound Sales

For outbound sales teams, AI parallel dialers offer a multitude of benefits

Increased Rep Productivity

By automating the tedious process of manual dialing, parallel dialers enable reps to have far more conversations in far less time. Studies show that leveraging AI dialers can exponentially increase the number of prospects a rep connects with compared to manual dialing.

The system dials through leads effortlessly while reps talk to connecting calls. More conversations mean more opportunities to present, pitch, and book demos.

Reduced Costs Per Call and Appointment Set

Higher rep productivity enabled by parallel dialers translates directly into lower costs for sales organizations. With AI handling the heavy lifting of lead engagement, the total cost per call and cost per booked meeting can be reduced.

Sales teams leveraging parallel dialing technology have the potential to achieve significant reductions in cost per call and booked meeting. The combination of increased rep productivity and lower call cost means that parallel dialing not only boosts revenue results but also improves profitability. The dialers can deliver strong ROI through these benefits.

Ability to Scale Calling Campaigns

Outbound call volume is the lifeblood of sales, but manual dialing severely inhibits growth. Parallel dialers empower companies to scale their outbound calling and expand into new markets and segments.

A rep making manual calls in a day might complete 100-200 dials and land 10 conversations per day. With parallel dialing, that same rep can have a 10-15x increase in call volume and conversations.

Increased Number of Live Connects

Connecting with more live prospects is the end goal of outbound calling. But when dialing manually, over 50% of calls result in voicemails, disconnected numbers, wrong numbers, and other dead ends.

Parallel dialing uses predictive algorithms and AI-filtering to significantly increase live call connect rates. By screening out more unusable numbers, the system transfers a higher percentage of conversations to available reps.

Optimized Lead List Penetration

Higher volume dialing coupled with more connects also means sales teams can penetrate deeper into lead lists.

Whereas manual dialing might only get through 20-30% of a list before leads go stale, parallel dialers can push list penetration to 80-90% for better coverage. No more leaving potential targets untouched for months.

Enhanced Sales Manager Visibility

Managers have greater visibility into rep performance and can listen in on calls to optimize coaching. Features like whisper monitoring enable managers to guide reps privately during live calls.

Analytics within parallel dialers also provide insights like talk time, connect rates, and pacing to help managers understand effectiveness and identify issues.

Improved Sales Rep Engagement

By automating the tedious dialing process, parallel dialing creates an engaging experience for reps. Salespeople can focus purely on conversations instead of manually pushing numbers. 

The fast pace of rapid calls and quick transitions into natural discussions keeps reps interested, motivated, and rewarded through more connections.

Integrated Compliance and Security

Leading parallel dialers provide security and compliance capabilities like

  • SOC2 certification for data security
  • GDPR and TCPA adherence
  • Call recording options
  • Encrypted data transfers

These capabilities help organizations follow regulations and assure customers about security.

Flexible Usage and Deployment

SaaS parallel dialers are fast and flexible to spin up or scale back as business needs change. And they integrate seamlessly with existing CRM platforms like Salesforce through APIs. 

Reps can access callers through web browsers or mobile apps, enabling calling from anywhere. The dialers are also device agnostic, with reps using integrated or external VOIP phones.

Who Can Benefits from Parallel Dialing?

Here are some of the teams and roles that can gain the most from implementing parallel dialing

  • Outbound SDRs- Parallel dialing is perfect for hitting high volumes crucial for outbound prospecting. SDRs can penetrate full market lists faster and qualify more inbound leads.
  • BDRs- By increasing call volumes, BDRs can thoroughly work through sales prospects to identify opportunities and book more demos.
  • Account Reps- For upsell campaigns, farmers can use parallel dialers to efficiently call all customers or accounts and uncover expansion potential.
  • Inside Sales Teams- Parallel power enables inside sales to scale outbound initiatives and lower CAC without expanding headcount.
  • SMB/Mid-Market Sellers- Smaller teams can punch above their weight class and mimic enterprise outbound programs through leveraging dialers.

Key Features of Parallel Dialers

CRM Integration

Seamless CRM integration synchronizes data bi-directionally between the dialer system and platforms like Salesforce in real time. Lead lists, contact profiles, and call outcomes automatically update in both systems.

Call Recording Options

Recording calls is essential for improving rep skills and keeping records of key conversations with prospects. Parallel dialers provide secure call recording capabilities.

Real-Time Analytics

Sales leaders get live visibility into team performance through dashboards covering metrics like calls dialed, talk time, connections, pacing, and more. Data can also be exported for external analysis.

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AI Call Filtering

As discussed above, predictive algorithms and AI accurately filter out hang ups, disconnected numbers, voicemails, and other call dead ends to maximize live connects.

Call and Screen Pop

When a live call connects, the prospect’s record immediately pops on the rep’s screen with key details available. Reps have full context before even speaking.

Notes and Dispositions

Reps can enter call notes and update lead dispositions directly within the dialer platform, keeping CRM records organized.

Remote Coach®

Remote Coach® is a unique feature within Koncert’s Dialer Platform. Managers can monitor ongoing calls, and using Whisper Mode, can even coach the sales rep during the phone call without the prospect hearing.

Real-Time Coaching

Managers can monitor calls through whisper and barge features without prospects hearing. Live feedback helps reps improve through each successive call. 

Pacing and Tracking

Managers can set dialing pace limits and get notifications if reps fall behind. Activity quotas help keep call volumes consistent.

Caller Id Management

When calling your B2B prospect list, having your dialer call from numbers that are automatically localized to the recipient’s area code is just smart business. People are more likely to pick up calls they perceive as local.

Evaluating Parallel Dialers

If you’re considering adding parallel dialing to supercharge your outbound sales efforts, here are some key aspects to evaluate

  • Dialer Algorithms- Assess the precision of the system’s predictive and AI capabilities in minimizing dead calls and identifying live prospects.
  • CRM Integrations- Verify how seamlessly the dialer integrates with your sales technology stack and processes.
  • Compliance- Review dialer certifications like SOC2 along with available call recording, masking, and opt-out options.
  • Scalability- Evaluate capacity to add more users and scale call volumes without performance drops.
  • Deployment Flexibility- Determine if the platform offers browser-based access from anywhere or requires desktop software.
  • Ease of Use- Gauge how intuitive the interface is for reps to start calling quickly with minimal frustration.
  • Vendor Support- Assess capabilities around implementation, training, and ongoing customer success.
  • Cost Structure- Compare pricing models (per seat, per call, etc) and measure impact on CAC and ROI.

Get Started with Parallel Dialing

If high volume outbound calling is critical for propelling your sales growth, parallel dialing is a proven force multiplier. Leading AI dialer solutions make it easy to get started and realize quick productivity gains. 

Visit Koncert.com to learn more about how AI parallel dialing can transform your outbound sales process. You can request a demo and consultation with a product expert by filling out this brief form. 

The dedicated team at Koncert works with organizations across industries to tailor parallel dialers that maximize results. Let them show you how AI-powered calling can enable your sales reps to have more conversations with high-value prospects. 

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