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You’ve Survived the Lean Times, But Are You Ready for Growth?

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Learn 6 ways calling software solutions can help manage the happy problems of a high-growth environment.

Outlined below are some of the questions business development, lead development and sales organizations will be asking themselves in the coming year. I myself was pleasantly surprised to see that all of the questions have the same answer!

  1. Question: You have done a great job in the current environment, but you are running lean and may not be able to keep up with increased new business lead volume. How are you going to keep up with the increased volume of inbound leads?

Answer: ConnectLeader! Use TeamDialer to immediately follow up with even the largest and most daunting lists of sales leads by consistently making over 120 dials and connecting width 5-10 people per hour. (Don’t worry! This is not your father’s sales dialer. Agent assisted call navigation, instant transfer with no delay.) Use the voicemail feature for the prospects you don’t reach so they can call you back when they are available. With the Team Dialer call management system, you won’t waste time talking to receptionists and navigating phone trees when there are people out there who want to talk with you!

  1. Question: Despite the increasing inbound lead activity, your reps still need to cold call for you to reach your growth goals. How can you keep up with the inbound leads while still maintaining your outbound phone prospecting goals?

Answer: ConnectLeader! Team Dialer, Personal Dialer and Click Dialer for Salesforce make cold calling easy. Whether you use the horsepower of Team Dialer to make over 120 dials per hour or you use Personal Dialer and Click Dialer to pinpoint key decision-makers, ConnectLeader will enable your team to get better and faster results. Make more calls faster and use our Area-Based Caller-ID feature to improve pickup rates, enabling your reps to “close the loop” and save time on follow up attempts. (A local caller-ID is always more likely to be answered!) All the while, ConnectLeader’s CRM integration captures all of your calling activity and follow ups, allowing you to focus on selling instead of CRM data entry!

  1. Question: How can you train and develop new reps to support your growth needs as you  draw from a shrinking pool of experienced talent?

Answer: ConnectLeader! Use our Remote Coach and Call Recording features to develop talent. Role-playing is a great technique to develop sales talent, but it is no substitute to seeing how your reps perform in front of a live prospect. Ride-alongs are also great, but managers are often stretched thin and don’t have enough time to see how reps perform on more than just a few live calls. By using dialing software such as Team Dialer with our Remote Coach and Call Recording, a manager can observe and coach a rep through 5-10 live conversations in just 1 hour. This allows managers to pinpoint training needs as well as provide live coaching on what the reps encounter in the real world. More calls, more connects and more coaching will develop your sales team into experienced pros in no time!

  1. Question: You don’t want to add staff and costs until you know growth is here to stay. How can you get the output of a larger team without incurring the costs of additional headcount (salary, benefits, training, recruiting fees, etc.)?

Answer: ConnectLeader! Double your reps’ outbound calling productivity using our Team Dialer just 1 hour each day. ConnectLeader is the most cost-effective way to make your team produce like a much larger organization. Produce like a larger company without the additional cost, ramp up and uncertainty of having a larger team. And best of all, ConnectLeader never calls in sick!

  1. Question: There are plenty of good contacts out there and you don’t want to waste time dialing junk data. How can you reduce the time your team spends dialing incorrect and out-of-date contacts?

Answer: ConnectLeader! (Hope you guessed it this time!) In addition to helping you reach more people in a shorter amount of time, Team Dialer will also help you scrub your lead development list data. The ConnectLeader call management system makes it easy to tag and update your CRM system to identify what contacts and leads are valid and which ones are not. No more wasting time and resources trying to reach someone who is no longer there. We also make it easy to leverage your existing investment in Salesforce to use workflows to automate the list scrubbing process without spending hours sorting and updating data from external spreadsheets.

  1. Question: How do I get my team ready for growth now?

Answer: ConnectLeader! 603-952-2500

Author: Pat Morrissey, Sales Manager, ConnectLeader

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