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    Sales teams that rely on outbound calls for lead nurturing, prospecting, and followups, and inside sales can see an 8x increase in sales productivity with Team Dialer from ConnectLeader. Team Dialer connects sales representatives to decision makers. It enables sellers to review activity notes and history to improve sales conversations. Sales representatives can review, add, and edit activity notes through the ConnectLeader interface easily and save time.

    Anyone who has spent a day in sales knows that outbound calling is the fastest and most cost-effective way to feed the top of funnel sales pipeline and drive revenue. Although other means of lead nurturing have their place, nothing compares to having a live conversation with prospects who you can directly influence to help them attain business benefits from using your product or service.

    The Problem: Salespeople simply don’t have enough time to reach enough prospects for outbound calling to have sustainable impact. Salespeople are faced with a number of obstacles; navigating phone trees, gatekeepers, receptionists, and voice mail. These factors mean it can now take up to 20+ calls to reach a prospect and about 90% of salespeople’s time is spent on non-productive work. Salespeople simply can’t make enough calls in one day to effectively impact the sales pipeline.

    Until now! ConnectLeader Team Dialer enables salespeople to consistently make over 125 dials and have between 7-10 live conversations per hour, on average. What typically took a day, can now be completed in just 1 hour! Team Dialer is able to deliver these results by seamlessly combining the efforts of our trained human dialing agents with our patented technology to substantially increase call volume and live conversations for your salespeople. Our dialing agents do the busywork of dialing, navigating phone systems and even talking with receptionists, and instantly hand off live conversation with the target decision maker. Enable your salespeople to do what they do best; talk with customers and prospects. And don’t worry, this entire process is invisible to your customers. Each connected call is just like any other direct call made by your sales representative to your customer!

    Team Dialer’s direct integration with CRM systems, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and others means it works the way you do. It instantly updates your CRM call logs, schedules your CRM follow ups and offers all of its call data back to CRM for reporting and analysis.

    So if you want to crush your sales goals, you owe it to yourself to take a look at Team Dialer.

    Key Features of Team Dialer:

    • Over 125 dials per hour.
    • 7 to 10 conversations per hour.
    • Automated Voicemail Drop functionality.
    • SaaS software makes the outbound calls and our dialing agents navigate phone trees, gatekeepers, and receptionists, and instantly hand off live conversation with the target decision maker.
    • Web-based technology is available anywhere. Flexible subscription licenses include automatic upgrades, technical support, and CRM Integration.
    • Direct, Bi-Directional CRM system Integration.
    • Out-of-the-box integration with , Microsoft Dynamics, and other leading CRM systems.

    Full Dialing Visibility:

    • Users have full visibility of the outbound dialing process in a table view and can select or deselect records, make notes, and directly launch CRM systems to view record details.

    Voicemail Messaging:

    • Automatically leave pre-recorded (and rehearsed) voicemail messages.

    On-Demand Dialing:

    • Schedule outbound calling sessions as needed with online scheduling feature.

    Remote Coach:

    • Monitoring Mode: Allows sales manager to listen to live conversations. Whisper Mode: Allows sales manager to “whisper to” rep.

    Targeted Local Caller ID:

    • Multiple Caller ID options including Blocked, Mapped by Area Code, and custom. Use your own caller IDs or ConnectLeader can create custom caller IDs for you.

    Dashboards, Analytics, and Reports:

    • Track usage and adoption in real-time. Reports can be viewed live or exported via CSV files. Determine trends in sales activity for coaching or remediation

    ZigZag Dialing™

    ConnectLeader dialing solutions can dial the phone number that appears under the first phone number field for a prospect, automatically move to dial the second phone number associated with the same prospect, and so on until the target is reached live during a call. This is very powerful when the prospect record contains multiple phone number fields like direct dial, mobile, and company phone fields. ZigZag Dialing will call each number sequentially for the same prospect record. When the prospect is reached live during a dial, the software then skips down to the next prospect record in the calling list.

    When a dialing agent recognizes a live connection, the call is instantly transferred to the sales rep. At that moment, a contact screen window pops open with account and contact information. The sales rep. can then use that window to record the call results, schedule a follow-up, and update any data. If integrated with a crm, the data is then instantly synchronized with the database.

    Customized Local Caller IDs

    Using a local caller ID telephone number can help sales reps greatly increase the opportunity to speak with prospects. Some research shows a 30% increase in call pick-ups using a local caller ID.

    Remote Coach allows sales managers to monitor or ‘whisper’ to their sales reps in real time during the telephone conversation without the other party being able to hear the conversation.