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10 Best B2B Sales Strategy Tips

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In today’s competitive B2B market, sales managers have more to worry about than ever before. You must manage your reps, develop territories, create effective strategies, research, and implement sales technologies, and much more. In order to succeed, you need to understand exactly how the modern B2B sales environment works. Below are ten important sales tips to help your sales team succeed in 2022 and beyond:

1. Focus on Results

Businesses don’t have the time to look at different products and features. They need to get down to the brass tacks - what can you do to help them? Train your sales team to focus on results and outcomes instead of features.

2. Stay Flexible

Too often, B2B salespeople are rigid when presenting solutions to prospects. Salespeople should focus on prospects’ needs and tweak their presentations. Customizing your language based on what the prospect needs make it easier to close the sale.

3. Listen First

The key to success in B2B sales is truly understand a customer and their needs. Your team should do no more than 30% of the talking in an initial sales call. This ensures the prospect feels valuable and that the salesperson has a solid grasp on their company and its needs.

4. Don’t Worry About Price

In B2B, a truly valuable prospect won’t balk at a reasonable price if it’s going to help them achieve their goals. Stand behind your price and be proud that you offer a premium product. Let your competition destroy their margins and compete on price.

5. Maintain Your Momentum

A typical B2B prospect has already done some basic research on their own and could be as far as halfway through the sales cycle. Don’t pull back and go over things they already know. Instead, focus on filling gaps for them and closing quickly.

6. Do More Than Sell

Your B2B sales team needs to be more than salespeople — they need to be educators. Oftentimes, the customer might not even understand the root cause of their problems. A good sales rep will make sure to develop a perfect solution for their prospects but to teach them more about the issue and how it's being solved.


7. Keep in Touch

The B2B sales cycle tends to be longer than other sales cycles, so you need to take the time to cultivate and nurture your leads. Develop strategies to stay connected with prospects. Set up tasks in your CRM and develop marketing collateral tailored to prospects in each specific step of the sales cycle. This will also help you maximize your conversion rates.

8. Make Research a Priority

Do your research ahead of time so as not to waste your prospect's time. Don't ask about their line of work, become an expert before you even pick up the phone. This immediately gives you the upper hand on a sales call and gives you more time to learn about their specific problem rather than the type of work your prospect is doing.

9. Find an Advocate

Most B2B sales involve decision-makers at multiple levels of an organization. A popular strategy is to find a single brand champion who is willing to sell you to their peers and arm them with as much information as possible.

10. Understand Your Competition

In the long-term, B2B sales success comes from differentiating yourself from the competition. Understand exactly how to position yourself and work hard to stay two steps ahead.

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