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The Best Way to Reach B2B Sales Prospects

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Since you clicked on this, you’re no doubt wondering what the right way is to reach your B2B sales prospects. Is it through email? Cold calls? Carrier pigeon? (Yes, I’m kidding with that last one, but hey, if you try that as a unique form of direct mail and it works for you, let me know.) Read on to learn THE way to connect with your buyers or prospects.

Here’s the correct answer.

The best way to reach B2B prospects is the way they WANT to be reached. Period.

Understand the top terms in B2B sales, including a definition of sales cadence. Read our glossary.

Since you’re not a mind-reader, how can you possibly know what each prospect wants?

You can’t, unless you survey every prospect or ask on a lead form how they want to be contacted, but I wouldn’t advise doing either. Some people will only pay attention to email, while others only pay attention to their phone (for calls or texts). Here’s what you should do to reach out to prospects in the way they want. Use a multi-channel cadence with sales dialing software for your sales outreach, which consists of the following:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Video (embedded into an email)
  • Text
  • Social

As you reach out to new prospects, you may hear that they’re interested in learning more, but won’t be ready to purchase until a few months from now. That’s fine. Usually, people aren’t ready to make a purchase from the first call, although it’s great for B2B salespeople when that happens.

What should you do when you know a prospect is interested, but not looking to buy right at this moment? Place them into one of your sales cadences to touch base through a mix of emails with different content, social touches through LinkedIn, and phone calls until they’re ready to take a dive.

With TruCadence, you can add in a touch, like sending a text through ZipWhip if you’ve already talked to the prospect a few times. (Side note: Do not send a prospect a text as your first contact. Ever. Look for a forthcoming blog on that topic.)

(Screenshot from TruCadence below shows a multi-channel sales cadence.)

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A multi-channel sales cadence helps you to put thought into how you want to reach out to each one of your contacts and determine the best way to reach them. Look at the metrics (opens, clickthroughs, etc.) for each of your sales outreach touches to see how well each message worked. If you included an embedded video in email via Vidyard as one of your touches, you can see how many clicks that video received.

You may have heard about the importance of multi-channel sales cadences from other companies, but here’s the part they don’t mention: The challenge with sending out multi-channel touches of emails and video embedded in emails is that you need to follow up with a phone call. However, the number of phone calls you need to make in correlation to the number of emails you’re sending out can be horrifying to a sales rep. Dialing your phone manually won’t work and using a click-to-call dialer won’t work for that kind of phone outreach. This is why you need a parallel-assisted dialer on top of your email outreach, like our human agent-assisted dialer, Team Dialer, which will help you consistently make 100 to 120 dials in one hour, on average.

Reach out to us here at ConnectLeader today to see how to help your sales reps, SDRs, and BDRs conduct sales outreach through a multi-channel sales cadence with TruCadence. Simply click here or give us a call at 800-955-5040.



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