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7 Reasons Your Team Needs Sales Dialing Software

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Every day, our sales team hears why potential customers don't need to use sales dialing or sales dialer software. Often, people confuse our product with call center software, a robot-dialer or auto-dialer, or lead generation services. Let’s talk instead about what we are and the reasons why your B2B sales team could use dialing software.

So, first, what do we mean by sales dialing software? At Koncert, our dialing software refers to our dialing stack of click-to-call dialers, flow dialers, and human-powered agent-assisted dialers. We’re not what you may think of when you hear “power dialer”—that’s an auto-dialer and isn’t TCPA compliant. Instead, we use trained human agents who make the dials for you in agent-assisted dialing so you can focus less on the busywork of dialing and more on actually having conversations with potential customers. So, you can think of Koncert as offering human power dialers

Learn what is sales dialer?. Read our blog.


What are the Benefits of Sales Dialing Software?

  • Geographic territory coverage. With the right sales dialing software that works for your CRM, and especially with human agent-assisted power dialing, you can make cold calls into sales territories that weren’t previously adequately covered.
  • Respond to leads in a timely manner. Stop letting events or inbound leads age out because your inside sales team didn’t have enough time to follow up. Every lead will be touched when you use sales dialing software.
  • Know who to contact every single day. When your sales reps start work each day, they will be able to open up their to-do list in their sales dialing software and see who they need to call at a glance. No more wondering what they should get started on and wasting time looking at notes and calendar reminders.
  • Get seats on your webinars and conferences. When your marketing department is hosting an event of any kind, sales outreach is important to help spread the word, including an outreach cadence that includes emails, cold calls, videos, social touches, and texts with reminders about the event.
  • Do more with the same number of people or less. So your CEO wants to increase sales next quarter by 50% without giving you the ability to hire new sales reps? When you have sales dialing software, you’ll have a plan of action and the ability to make more dials with human power dialers, so your sales reps can spend more time having conversations and overcoming sales objections to lead to more sales.
  • Leverage data subscriptions. The power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, DiscoverOrg, and ZoomInfo is only beneficial if your team has the time to actually use them. Use sales dialing software to take away the busy work of lining up who to call and dealing with gatekeepers and phone systems.
  • Dive into key accounts. Think your team doesn’t have the time to reach out to multiple people at key accounts to find a way in? They do when you choose human power dialing agents, who make the dials for you to get to that person who will pick up the phone. Once the phone is answered, the call is instantaneously transferred to you, and you have the conversation to find out if they’re the right person or if they can refer you to that person.

Companies of any size and shape can benefit from improving their sales calling productivity with sales dialing software. No matter what your outbound calling velocity is, your sales reps can make more dials, have more live conversations, and eventually close more deals.

Want to know more? Read what our customers think about our sales dialer software through our G2 reviews.

Then, reach out to us here at Koncert today to learn more about our multi-channel sales engagement solutions, including sales cadence software and phone dialers, which can help you reduce your costs per conversation; reduce costs per meeting, and reduce the costs of getting prospects into your pipeline. Simply click here or give us a call at 800-955-5040.



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