Cold email marketing is one of the most effective methods of generating verified leads and helping land additional sales via outreach companies. Understanding the basics of cold outreach marketing coupled with implementing the right techniques will unleash its full potential for your company. Like building a successful social media following or blog whereby specific guidelines regarding when to post, which image to use, or which blog to write, there is also a science to authoring personalized cold emails. 

This article will help you better understand what cold outreach is, how to select the best software to meet your marketing needs, the best cold outreach strategies, and how to automate cold email outreach. By better understanding this information, you can ensure your cold email campaigns are successful, thus increasing customer response rates. 

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What is Cold Outreach?

Cold outreach is contacting customers who are not known to the business. This can range from cold calling to cold email, to knocking door-to-door. The term “cold” is used because there is a lack of a formal introduction (warmth) with targeted recipients. This article will specifically be focusing on cold outreach emails.

The typical cold email outreach sequence involves sending an icebreaker email to new clients or customers, which sparks a conversation. Cold outreach email strategy is often used when sales occur across different industries but are still applicable to solo customers or industries. The idea of cold emailing traverses sales and penetrates product service requirements including recruiting, networking, link-building, and other marketing features. 

Is Cold Outreach Emailing Considered Spam?

It is critical to differentiate between cold outreach emails and spam, as they are often confused. Cold outreach emails are a fantastic opportunity for companies to effectively communicate with potential clients and customers to gain sales. In the B2B world, cold emails have become personalized promotions and advertisements for organizations with a focused outreach.

The main difference between targeted cold emails and bulky spam is personalization, which attracts recipients to learn more about a product or service. Several primary Federal Trade Commission rules must be followed to ensure it isn’t considered spam, including: 

  • In addition to the company name, the organization’s address must also be part of the email. 
  • Recipients must be able to opt out in the future if they desire.
  • The email must be clearly labeled if it bears a promotion or advertisement.
  • The email must provide clear information about the organization’s identity. 
  • The subject lines cannot be misleading.
  • There must be an “unsubscribe” option within the email.

Benefits of Cold Outreach Emailing

Cold emailing offers a variety of benefits, including: 

  • Greater reach of new prospects – this marketing strategy helps you look beyond your typical customer base and contact a larger pool of potential new clients, thus increasing leads, sales, and business growth. 
  • Inexpensive and scalable – the cost of sending out an email is negligent and by utilizing the right cold outreach email software, you can send out thousands of messages simultaneously.
  • Less intrusive than other cold contact methods – cold emailing helps you give the potential customer privacy and space, and not look for a response immediately. 



How to Choose the Right Cold Outreach Software

Although you may be tempted to do all your email marketing alone, if you want to scale outreach efforts and optimize your results, you should consider investing in email outreach software. With so many choices on the market, there are several factors to consider finding the best option: 

Can the Process be Automated? 

The primary benefit of utilizing cold email software is automation. The top solutions can run complicated campaigns with the simple click of a button. The best cold email outreach tool will do the heavy lifting including validating email addresses, sending follow-ups, and other mundane automated tasks. 

What are your Needs? 

Throughout this entire evaluation process, you must relate each feature to your needs. This varies based on your specific company size which may have multiple teams or a single user. You must also determine the email size list, the number of emails to send, and which features are essential. 

What is the Support Like? 

There are many free email outreach options available, but you get what you pay for. This could be buggy software or a lack of personal support. Before committing to any service, understand the availability of their support team if you have a problem or need a question answered. 

What Integrations are Available? 

You are unlikely to rely on one piece of software so while you can manually transfer the data between apps, it’s more efficient for your platform to have built-in integrations with your CRM. This will allow all your apps to talk to one another and function seamlessly. 

What are the Best Cold Outreach Strategies? 

Hitting the target of cold emailing can be an easy and effective task if you follow the below cold outreach email tips: 

  • Add value – regardless of how superior your offers are, all cold email outreach strategies could fail, unless the prospect realizes how beneficial these offers are. Emails are only successful when they provide value which can be accomplished by understanding the problems you are solving, what they need from your business, and showing them past social proof of success. 
  • Be respectful – receiving replies from your efforts is exciting until the potential prospect runs cold again. If you receive a response, it is crucial to be diligent in providing a respectful and warm customized reply message. 
  • Customized email outreach – one excellent strategy that you must follow to be successful is to add a personal touch to all cold outreach email templates. Writing the readers’ names in the email or having some type of information about their interests can go a long way. 
  • Ease off on the sales-y language – it isn’t ideal to immediately jump into selling. The first few emails should allow the customer to contact you immediately, typically with a call-to-action. Follow-up emails can then form your sale pitch. 
  • Pay attention to the subject line and message – simply having a snappy subject line isn’t enough, you must focus on the email. Research has found that 35% of leads open emails based on the subject line content but it is important to keep the reader’s interest in the email content. 
  • Research target prospects – researching the target audience is a critical aspect of the cold outreach email strategy. The point of this process is to transform a potential customer into a customer so the better you know them the easier it will be to generate an engaging relationship. Including a QR code in your email can be an effective way to engage your audience and provide them with quick access to relevant information, such as your website or contact details. 

How to Automate Cold Outreach Sales

When you’re growing business, you reach a point where you’re spending a significant amount of time performing repetitive work. Creating, sending, and following up on emails become overwhelming, and performing these tasks makes it worse. Therefore, you need a way to automate cold outreach sales. The best way to do this is by using an email outreach tool with automated multi-channel sales outreach capability, which will perform the following functions: 

App Integration 

By fully integrating with other applications like Salesforce, you and your reps can follow up on tasks while capturing seller activity, including calls made, emails, sent, and notes about the prospective client. 

Messaging Effectiveness 

When using an automation tool as part of your sales outreach strategies, you can optimize and define workflow sequences of tested outreach steps through A/B testing campaigns. 

Multi-Channel Capabilities 

While this guide focuses on cold email outreach, you want software that also helps automate cold calling while tracking all metrics from both marketing opportunities. 

Pre-Planned Sequences 

Cold outreach tools can take control of your normal workday by automatically following up with emails while allowing you to react instantly to inbound leads. This function also provides a weighted score of the most engaged prospects, which delivers them to the top of your follow-up queue. 

The success of your cold email outreach depends on the strategies and tools you are using, but also on how well you are executing them. Remember, your goal is to intentionally reach out to prospects and provide them with solutions to their problems and answers to their questions while including a call to action for them to act immediately. Although you may be starting a new outreach campaign, you want to convey a personalized message that helps kickstart new opportunities for your business! 

Overall, if you are searching for the best tools and practices for cold outreach, you've come to the right place. Here at Koncert, we go above and beyond to provide our clients with high-quality cold outreach tools and strategies. Warm up your cold outreach with the help of our seasoned experts. For more information or to work with us directly, contact us today for more details.



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