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Top 20 Outbound Sales Best Practices

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Identifying and reaching the right decision-maker is the key to effective outbound sales. Here are twenty outbound sales techniques to ensure you’re connecting with the right people at the right time:

20 Outbound Sales Strategies and Best Practices

1. Research

Look at the company’s website and search for them on LinkedIn to get an idea of what their leadership structure looks like. This will help you determine who are the decision-makers most likely.

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2. Leverage Multiple Channels

To reach an evasive decision-maker, use all the outbound sales channels at your disposal. Try calling, emailing, or even sending them a message on LinkedIn.

3. Find an Internal Champion

Internal assistance goes a long way to securing a conversation with your prospect. Chat up the gatekeeper or find a shared connection in their company to provide a warm introduction.

4. Shoot for the Stars

Don’t start off looking for easy contact. If you end up impressing an executive, you’ll get access to the mid-level decision-makers with an introduction directly from their boss!

5. Kill Everyone with Kindness

You might not be able to charm your way past every single gatekeeper, but you’ll have no chance whatsoever if you’re rude or impatient.


6. Ensure Your Number is Local

The right outbound calling software allows you to show your number as local to anybody you call. This instantly improves the chances of the decision-maker answering when you get through to his or her line.

7. Just Get a Foot in the Door 

The best-planned outbound sales strategy can’t force your way into every single contact. Sometimes, you just must try as many people as you can. Once you have a foot in the door, it’s easier to move throughout the organization.

8. Call After Hours

Here’s a sneaky tip - oftentimes, gatekeepers don’t work during the evening. Instead, you’ll be pushed through an automated system where you can leave a voicemail or learn the prospect’s direct extension.

9. Exude Confidence 

To be transferred through to a decision-maker, you must be confident. If you sound like a nervous salesperson, the gatekeeper won’t think you’re worth their time.

10. Use First Names

If you know exactly who to ask for, instead of asking for Mr. Smith, ask if you can speak to Joe. This insinuates familiarity and is much more personal, leading the gatekeeper to believe you have an existing relationship.

11. Leave a Personal Touch

Decision-makers get inundated with phone calls and emails. You must stand out to have a chance. Send a handwritten introductory or thank you note and you may grab their attention.

12. Join Professional Groups

On LinkedIn, you can see what discussion groups a person belongs to, and you can join yourself. This allows you to engage with them outside of a sales environment and start building a real relationship.

13. Maintain Old Contacts

Careers change rapidly. People will constantly change positions and move companies. Reach out to old contacts periodically. They might be decision-makers at a new company or division, even if they weren’t before.

14. Know Your Audience

Look at each decision-maker as an individual. If they’re active on Twitter, that could be an avenue to try. If they have an old-school mentality, a handwritten note might do the trick.

15. Be Honest

Simplicity is often the best solution. If you’re genuine about who you are and straightforward about what you’re looking for, gatekeepers may simply provide it.

16. Request a Voicemail

When all else fails, voicemail is better than nothing. If you’re having no success breaking past a gatekeeper, ask if you can simply leave a message instead.

17. Ask for Help

If you get rejected, ask the gatekeeper for help. If they were in your shoes, what would the best way to reach the decision-maker be? Try to schedule a time to call back.

18. Send a Calendar Invite

Be bold or go home! If you have somebody’s email address and can’t get a response, leave a calendar invite for a short ten-minute meeting with a description of exactly who you are and how you can help.

19. Prioritize Your Efforts

It’s important to keep in mind that not every decision-maker is equal. Spend your greatest efforts on the decision-makers that are most likely to prove value.

20. Invest in Outbound Sales Software

The right software allows you to organize all of your information and schedule communications automatically. This makes reaching decision-makers easier than ever before.

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