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The Complete Guide to Sales Pipeline Software

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What is Sales Pipeline Software, and Why Do You Need It?

How is your sales pipeline? If you answered “I don’t know” or “not very good,” you’ll want to read on. Even if you’re pipeline is healthy and you’re just looking to bolster your bottom line, this guide is for you! 

A healthy sales pipeline starts with organization. The best way to get organized is to use sales pipeline software. This customer relationship management (CRM) solution provides a way to manage leads and customers in the sales pipeline while providing new lead opportunities, centralized reporting, and marketing automation. 

But where can you find a CRM platform that provides the benefits you need while maintaining affordable pricing? 

Koncert Cadence is to sales pipeline software solution you’ve been looking for. And, it does more than simply aid your sales pipeline process.

Koncert Cadence helps you eliminate spreadsheets and manual data entry and replaces them with real-time sales automation. You will enjoy benefits like a more efficient pipeline process, customizable pipelines, and sales tracking tools for every scenario. 

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of sales pipeline software and how adding Koncert to your software lineup will bring in more revenue. Don’t let any more revenue slip through your fingers; request a demo today and start automating your sales process. 


The Benefits of Sales Pipeline Software

The days of spreadsheets and handwritten pipelines are over. Marketing automation makes it possible for sales pipeline software to provide seemingly unlimited benefits. These benefits include critical components like: 

  • Creating a more efficient pipeline process. Spreadsheets and manual data entry are ripe with human error. Your time is valuable, and mistakes cause delays. Streamlining the pipeline process with Koncert’s sales pipeline software means error-free information throughout the sales cycle. 
  • Clearly see where leads and customers are in the pipeline. Pipeline management tools can help sales reps see where leads and customers are in the pipeline. The quick overview helps lead management stay organized and allows team members to be on the same page. 
  • Move prospects and customers to different, pre-determined cadences. Shifting pipeline presence, the moving forward or backing up of prospects, allows your sales team to adapt to changes in customer needs. Koncert Cadence allows total control over customer outreach, a vital tool in fostering solid customer relationships. 
  • Track team progress and close deals faster. Your metrics depend on keeping track of your team’s progress. With sales pipeline management software, you’ll know exactly where salespeople are in the sales cycle, allowing you to provide guidance if needed. 
  • Quickly address pipeline bottlenecks. Automation allows you to uncover potential issues or blockages in the sales process. The CRM integration and customizable dashboards give you an overview of your sales cycle, giving you the tools you need to catch hiccups. 

Of course, a streamlined sales process provides additional benefits like increased revenue, further lead generation, and more sales opportunities. Small businesses and corporations alike can benefit from Koncert’s CRM solutions. Request a demo to unlock access and test drive the pipeline management tools to witness the benefits firsthand. 


Essential Sales Pipeline Software Features

Functionality makes the difference between a helpful tool and an added distraction. These essential sales pipeline software features will have your salesforce closing more deals. It starts with Koncert’s focus on reporting — allowing you to use your data in ways that work best for you! From customizability to more reporting options than Zoho, Pipedrive, or Hubspot, Koncert Cadence has the pipeline management tools to build a winning salesforce. 


Real-Time Reporting

Understanding your sales cycle comes down to reporting. Real-time reporting allows you to create accurate revenue forecasting, provides detailed information to coach individual sales reps, and attaches metrics to sales activities. 

You can run reports on everything from sales quotas, trends, and overall value to customer sentiment. Elevating your team’s performance relies on this real-time reporting, and Koncert Cadence allows you to dive deep into any imaginable metric, even some you couldn’t imagine! 


Automation Capabilities

Administrative tasks keep your sales reps from sales activities. And automating follow-up emails, meeting scheduling, and next-touch communications reduce busy work activities. Plus, this automation extends to all the apps your salesforce regularly uses, like Gmail. 

That’s where Koncert comes in. You can sync all of your automated tasks to your CRM software or other apps, leaving everything in one place. With that level of automation, your agents have more time to close critical deals or engage in sales funnel activities. 


CRM System

Your CRM needs to power your outreach. That includes email marketing, social media integration, and sales activities. Sales pipeline software needs to be the heart of your CRM system. A successful sales pipeline will incorporate your sales CRM in a meaningful way, creating a one-stop platform for your salesforce needs. 

Does your current customer relationship manager provide contact management? How about prospect or lead generation management? If not, it’s time to look into an alternative like Koncert. Your CRM platform should have everything you need in one easy-to-use dashboard to capture every sales opportunity.


Seamless Integrations

Tracking sales funnel conversion rates and lead scoring often occur in separate programs, leading to decreased productivity. Integrating lead generation methods with lead scoring, customer comments, and team close rates all in one platform produces a lean, mean CRM machine! 

Because your CRM needs to be an easy-to-use platform, seamless integration is a must-have. Koncert automatically populates information, so your sales reps have instant access to necessary information regardless of the app they use. Management has all the data needed, making the entire process silky smooth. 


Customizable Dashboards

What good is sales pipeline software if you can’t customize pipeline stages or reports? Customizable pipelines and custom fields are standard with Koncert, giving you total control over your sales cycle. 

You can customize your dashboards to include the information that’s most relevant to you. For example, you can use visual dashboards to track or create customized reports tailored to your pipeline management. There’s no limit to what you can uncover with Koncert’s customizable dashboards.


Accelerate the Sales Pipeline Process with Koncert

Your sales pipeline process and your sales funnel are key to meeting your forecasting goals. The best sales teams in the world do not mean the most revenue possible if your sales pipeline is a mess. 

The benefits are apparent. Introducing sales pipeline management software to your sales process accelerates growth and allows agents to close more deals. You can clearly see where prospects are in the sales process, keep tabs on your sales reps, and quickly address bottlenecks. 

The only CRM solution that provides these benefits while offering more reporting, customizable dashboards, and seamless integrations is Koncert. Koncert’s wide range of B2B sales engagement solutions can help accelerate your sales pipeline process.

The benefits seem remarkable, but the evidence is there. Don’t take our word for it, though. Request a Koncert demo today and see the results for yourself! 

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