Apollo.io Integration

Koncert's integration with Apollo.io brings together two powerful platforms to provide sales teams with an easy-to-use, end-to-end solution for executing highly effective outbound campaigns.

With Koncert's industry-leading ultra low-latency AI dialer platform combined with Apollo's data enrichment and sequencing, reps get everything needed to identify ideal prospects, engage promptly and continuously improve performance.

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Supercharge Outbound Prospecting with Koncert + Apollo.io

Ideal Customer Profiling- Define and prioritize high-potential accounts and contacts with firmographic data in Apollo.io

Account insights - Get visibility into prospects' news, events, leadership changes etc. to tailor messaging

Automated workflows - Trigger outbound sequencing for effective follow-ups

10x productivity - Increase calling productivity using AI sales dialer

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No more delays. No more backlogs. No more guessing.

Apollo's data with engagement workflow ensures each prospect gets the right timely, relevant messaging based on where they are in the buyer's journey. No more guessing on follow-up timing.

Koncert's conversation analytics provide visibility into what's resonating with prospects to inform smarter outreach. No more guessing on messaging.

By bringing together automation, intelligence, and streamlined workflows, Koncert and Apollo let reps focus on having more meaningful conversations to drive results. The future of outbound prospecting is here.

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