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HubSpot Integration

Anyone who has spent a day in sales knows that outbound calling combined with many live conversations is the fastest and most cost-effective way to feed your top of the funnel sales pipeline and drive revenue.

Koncert integration with HubSpot facilitates that with an increase in productivity and conversation.

Use Koncert Dialing to power up the entire system.

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"Amazing Support!! - So far it has been a wonderful experience. The tool works great."
Megan Schneider / HubSpot Review


Sync data and break down information silos without manual and time-consuming processes

The two-way sync between Koncert and HubSpot lets data be shared in real-time. Sales reps know who they are calling and why. Knowing what part of the cadence they are in for each prospective client lets sales reps quickly and confidently engage with each touchpoint in their sales process.

The easy integration syncs with and pulls data together to break down information silos so the most up-to-date and complete information is known about a contact. No more searching across multiple apps - it is all centrally stored, synced, and available.

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Koncert’s sales engagement utilizes HubSpot data to route the prospects to the correct cadence at the correct stage, readied for automated engagement.

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User Experience

Easy-to-use reports help you measure data metrics. In just a few clicks, you can filter, export, and drill down on prospect data to make informed sales decisions.

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Reps will be able to keep up with their outbound engagement. HubSpot integration facilitates a large volume of emails, texts, and phone calls.

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Time to first touch

Koncert Cadence helps the reps reach out to prospects consistently without letting any lead or follow-ups fall through the cracks.


Centralized Database of Information For Sales Process Optimization

A CRM is vital for a sales team to help you manage a database of contacts and prospects. An integration with sales engagement platform like Koncert helps sales teams improve their sales process by using customer information – identifying key trends and areas of improvement, as well as automating manual, administrative tasks for your sales representatives, giving them more time to sell.

Two-Way sync: Data is shared between Koncert and HubSpot in real time

Improved customer retention

Increased sales

Detailed analytics that produce actionable data

Improved customer segmentation

Higher productivity and efficiency

Managed communications with prospects

Reduction in menial, low-ROI tasks


The streamlining of centralized data helps drive productivity and efficiency with sales teams, so they have the most accurate and actionable data on hand to properly engage with clients and prospects.

Gives you access to critical data about your contacts - even offline leads

Sync only the data you want. You can set up a one or two way sync

Koncert allows you to decide the level of contact mapping plus custom fields

Users can integrate their social media accounts and schedule social posts

Content repository so sales team can find the collateral they need

Default field mapping: Set-up is quick with out-of-the-box field mappings already created for you

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