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Maximize every touchpoint to strengthen prospect engagement with a Koncert - SalesLoft integration

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Improve time-to-revenue and increase prospect conversion rates with the right prospecting cadence

The correct cadence touchpoints can mean the difference in a lost or won sale. If your reps are engaging in the wrong sequence, buyer confusion can lead to a lost sale. SalesLoft enables reps to stay in the correct cadence by making sure the most up-to-date prospect data is available along with Koncert’s high-speed dialing, to assure the integrity of the engagement sequence.

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Route a prospect to the right sales rep with the right context and prospect details, and queue the prospect for automated engagement.

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Buyer experience

Measure what matters with easy-to-use reports. You can filter, export, and drill down on the data in a couple of clicks.

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By enabling immediate outbound engagement, reps can keep up with a large volume of emails with phone calls.

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Time to first touch

With the correct cadence, prospects get the right message at the right time in their buyer's journey.


The correct cadence can mean the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity

Sales prospecting is not a “one size fits all” activity. Different types of prospects and the industries or categories they fit in call for different approaches.

It's all about efficiency

Cadence is key, and the powerful combination of cadence, calling and approach with a Koncert - SalesLoft integration can help increase engagement that leads to more sales.

Improved buyer experience

Creates operational efficiencies

Allow sales to focus on higher ROI sales activities

Improves time to first touch

Drive higher conversion rates


No more delays. No more backlogs. No more guessing.

Your sales team is given more time to do what they were hired to do: sell.

Equipped with personalization options to customize groups of emails

Real-time actionable insights, reporting, and analytics

Automatically populate prospect time zones, helping Koncert users in calling at the right time

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