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Gong Integration

Koncert’s integration with Gong facilitates increase in productivity with call analysis metrics.

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Improve sales success with better insights on all prospect calls

Koncert's integration with Gong allows users to access the Koncert recorded calls and import them into Gong for analysis. With Gong, you can keep track of all the recorded calls, which are transcribed and analyzed for your sales growth.

This integration between Koncert and Gong enables sales teams to have full control by capturing and analyzing customer interactions, which can help drive opportunities and close deals faster.

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Reps never miss an opportunity when they are provided prospect info in the right context, with pertinent details, stage of the buyer's journey, and the ability to personalize automated outbound engagement.

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Buyer experience

Measure what matters with Salesforce’s easy-to-use and comprehensive reports. Acting as the single source of truth, you can filter, export, and drill down on the data in just a few clicks.

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Salesforce seamlessly enables outbound engagement, so reps can keep up with many different touch-points in customer engagement with prospect info segmented and housed in one place.

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Time to first touch

With CRM that provides immediate data for faster engagement in the proper channel, reps can speed up the sales process.


Koncert integration gives you complete visibility into your call metrics

Better visibility helps you reach out to the best leads and best opportunities at the right time in your sales cadence.

Native Integration with Salesforce

Creates a unified view across your tech stack

Enhanced lead tracking to provide full visibility into leads

Key insights from unified data helps drive sales strategy

Reach your best leads fast with Koncert’s dialer


No more delays. No more backlogs. No more guessing.

Your sales team is given more time to do what they were hired to do: sell.

Customer-centric automation

Reduces the time it takes to learn and adapt to better sales process

Sales, marketing, commerce, and customer service seamlessly work together without worrying about siloed information

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