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Outreach Integration

Unlock actionable AI-driven customer intelligence that guides sellers and managers to win every moment in the sales process.

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Improve efficiency, experience more growth, and have greater forecast predictability

Outreach integration works well with Koncert’s multi-channel sales engagement platform that provides clients with personalization at scale.

When utilizing high-speed dialing, users must have access to the right workflow and what stage of the sales/revenue process each prospect is in. Outreach cadence proactively helps to identify and act on growth opportunities within your pipeline. These recommended actions, over time, help with forecasting and greater predictability so managers and sales representatives can prioritize the right actions and activities based on AI generated insights.

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Prospects are easily slated for automated engagement due to the most up-to-date prospect data, the current stage in the sales process, and detailed prospect information.

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Buyer experience

You can filter, export, and drill down on the data in a couple of clicks and measure what matters to your KPI’s with Outreach’s easy-to-use reports.

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Designed to initiate and facilitate outbound engagement, So reps can keep up with the large volume of emails, phone calls, SMS texting, and social media interactions they need to make to move the prospect through the buying journey.

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Time to first touch

With outbound engagement comes increased opportunities for first-touch engagement so reps can quickly engage with prospects and lead them to last-touch sales.


Taking the guesswork out of each approach to narrow the Sales Execution Gap

Between Potential and Actual Performance exists the Sales Execution Gap. Outreach’s systems of action along with Koncert’s high-speed dialers helps fill the gap to increase productivity which leads to growth.

Gives sales teams full visibility into their deals, their buyers, and their teams

Combines insights with predictive intelligence into your unique sales process

Real-time, AI-recommended actions to close the Sales Execution Gap


The actionable customer intelligence helps drive activity towards the highest priority with the greatest predicted outcome.

Making for a highly efficient and effective sales team.

Multi-integration functionality allows for improved data-sharing

User-friendly and quick onboarding for faster usability

Summary of engagement for better accountability

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