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How to Overcome Call Reluctance with AI Dialers

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Overcome Call Reluctance with AI Dialers

Making sales calls is a crucial part of the sales process, but it's also something many sales reps dread. Call reluctance, or the fear of making calls, is common among sales professionals. Reasons for call reluctance include fear of rejection, lack of confidence in pitching, and not wanting to be perceived as “salesy.” 

While call reluctance is understandable, it severely limits a sales rep’s effectiveness and reach. Thankfully, advances in AI dialing technology are making it easier than ever for reps to overcome call reluctance and excel at the calling aspect of their jobs.

The Problems with Manual Dialing

To understand how AI dialers help overcome call reluctance, it’s useful to first look at the downsides of manual dialing. When reps have to manually work through a call list, they face many frustrations, including
  • Time wasted on no-answers and voicemails: Manual dialing means sitting through endless rings with no answer or landing in voicemail boxes. This wastes huge amounts of time that could be spent talking to real prospects.
  • Upsetting prospects with poorly timed calls: When dialing manually, it’s almost impossible to accurately gauge when a prospect will be available to talk. Sales reps end up interrupting prospects at bad times, annoying them and ruining any chances of a fruitful discussion.
  • No insight into who you’re calling: Without call intelligence, sales reps go into each call blind, unsure of who the prospect is or what they might need. This lack of preparation increases anxiety around calling.
  • Monotony and tedium: Manually working through a call sheet is mind-numbingly boring for sales reps. The tedium leads to burnout and makes it hard to stay motivated.
  • Limited reach and scale: Reps dialing manually can only do so many calls per day before getting frustrated and exhausted. This significantly caps their overall productivity and sales results.

These pain points illustrate why manual dialing exacerbates call reluctance. When the calling process itself is so tedious and ineffective, it’s natural for salespeople to avoid it. 

How AI Dialers Eliminate Call Reluctance

AI dialing systems completely transform the sales calling experience to make it far more positive and productive. Features like AI call filtering, CRM integrations, and real-time call analytics remove all the biggest pain points of manual dialing. Here are some of the key ways AI dialers overcome call reluctance

  • CRM Integration - Top AI dialers integrate directly with CRM platforms like Salesforce to automatically sync contact data. Rather than dialing blind, reps equipped with an AI dialer get a screen pop with key customer insights as soon as the call connects. This context prepares them to have meaningful conversations tailored to the prospect’s needs.
  • Real-Time Analytics - AI dialers generate a wealth of data during the calling process. Reps can view live analytics to optimize their approach and see how effective calls convert. These insights help reps continually refine and gain assurance in their pitches. Analytics also foster a sense of progress, with reps able to track outcomes across all calls made.
  • More Live Connections - While an AI dialer fronts the burden of managing call connections, reps take advantage of significantly more live prospect touches. With manual dialing, the average rep might connect with 30-50 prospects per day. With an AI dialer, they can get through 10x as many calls and conversations. More conversations mean more opportunities to hone pitches and gain confidence.
  • Monitoring and Whisper Features - Leading AI dialers have call monitoring abilities enabling managers to listen in on calls. Whisper features even let managers coach reps mid-call without the prospect hearing. These capabilities deliver instant feedback to help reps improve while feeling supported.
  • Schedule Optimizing - Some AI dialers let reps schedule specific call times for prospects based on known availability or time zone. This ensures calls happen when the prospect is receptive rather than interrupting them. Thoughtful scheduling removes a major source of call reluctance.

Key Benefits of AI Dialers for Overcoming Call Reluctance

Together, the capabilities above allow AI dialers to transform sales calling from a necessary evil to a driver of success. Reps leveraging AI dialing can overcome reluctance and excel in connecting with prospects through

  • More Conversations - Higher volumes of live connects versus manual dialing mean more practice and comfort on calls.
  • Better Conversations - Insights on prospects before calls allow for tailored and meaningful discussions.
  • Improved Skills - Monitoring, analytics, and feedback build sales skills with each call made.
  • Higher Closes - More conversations and better pitches translate directly into increased sales.
  • Time Savings - Eliminating manual dialing tedium frees up time reps can use for high-value activities.

For any sales organization looking to maximize productivity, AI dialers are an essential technology. The benefits go far beyond efficiency to also improving sales rep confidence, abilities, and mental wellbeing around calling. 

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Koncert's AI Dialing Solutions

Koncert offers state-of-the-art AI dialing platforms designed specifically to help sales teams overcome call reluctance. Their solutions include the AI Flow Dialer for moderate speed calling by individual reps and the AI Parallel Dialer for high volume automated dialing. Key features that set Koncert's dialers apart include

  • Cutting-edge AI dialers
  • Integrations with all major CRM platforms
  • Real-time call analytics and monitoring
  • Customizable opt-out to avoid bad leads
  • Compliant with calling regulations

Koncert also provides dedicated customer success managers to ensure sales reps fully adopt and see results from the AI dialing technology.

For any sales organization struggling with call reluctance, Koncert's AI dialers offer a proven solution. The AI eliminates pain points of manual dialing while enhancing sales conversations, analytics, and results. To learn more about overcoming call reluctance with Koncert, request a demo today. 

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