Eagle Point Software Uses ConnectLeader Team Dialer™ to Double Outbound Sales Call Volume at 50% of Their Cost

Executive Summary

When Randy Ambrosy of Eagle Point Software learned two of his highly-skilled sales reps were leaving the company, he needed to quickly “shore up the holes” and find a way to replace their productivity. Instead of hiring new sales reps or outsourcing to a third-party lead generation firm, Randy decided to implement the ConnectLeader® Team Dialer™ outbound calling solution. In just a short time period, Eagle Point was able to make up for the production of the former sales reps, but amazingly, they were able to do it at half the cost. 

Eagle Point Software Looks to Replace Lost Sales Production

Eagle Point Software develops tools that help users of Autodesk software work more productively. As Executive Vice President, Randy Ambrosy is responsible for leading the company’s business development and marketing efforts. Every month, Eagle Point sends out thousands of emails to Autodesk users in the architectural and engineering markets and generates a significant quantity of new sales leads. Eagle Point sales reps aggressively follow-up on opened emails by contacting the prospective customers by phone. In general, sales reps were making 60 dials per day.

The Eagle Point sales team is composed of a small team of highly-skilled sales reps. Many of the sales reps have been with the company for many years and replacing their knowledge and experience consisted of a tremendous commitment in time and training. Ambrosy recently found himself faced with replacing not only one, but two of his experienced staff and he needed to find a solution. “I needed to shore up the holes quickly,” said Ambrosy. He  found a technology solution that combined cloud-based software with live calling agents.

Eagle Point Now Uses the ConnectLeader Team Dialer Solution to Make Regular One-Hour Calling Sessions 

Sales reps upload calling lists from their proprietary contact database into Team Dialer, a cloud-based dialing solution. Live calling agents dial the numbers and navigate the voicemail systems, negotiate with gatekeepers, and leave pre-recorded voicemail messages. When the dialing agents connect with a live person, the calls are seamlessly handed off to the Eagle Point sales reps who proceed with their sales call. The sales reps now average 114 dials per call session in addition to 60 manual dials.

Calling Through Entire Pipeline – In Just One Hour

Instead of taking days to call through their existing pipeline, Eagle Point sales reps now work through their pipeline in a single one-hour session. “Every salesperson has 4 one-hour sessions every week [using Team Dialer],” stated Ambrosy. “Accounts that are the closest to close we call first, the deals that are newest into their pipeline we call last, then if we have executed through all of their calls, we load prospecting calls into that list so they’re prospecting at the end of their session. Commonly they’ll be able to plow through their entire pipeline during that session.”

Team Dialer Increases Production at Half the Cost

The Eagle Point sales team has been able to not only make up for the loss of the two sales reps, but actually exceed the previous production using Team Dialer. The cost of the software is nearly half of the cost of replacing two salaries. In addition, Eagle Point didn’t have to wait for the sales reps to get up to speed on their relatively complex products or incur additional management burden. “For half the expense of the employee and without the management burden I’m getting the same result,” stated Ambrosy. “We’ve really made up the production of those people plus some more at a much lower cost.”

Outbound Calling Automation Reduces Non-Productive Calling Time

Senraj Soundar, CEO for ConnectLeader explained how the Team Dialer solution can provide B2B sales teams with between 100 and 125 dials per hour. We combine a state-of-the-art cloud-based software solution with a team of highly trained dialing agents. These agents know how to navigate voicemail systems and can negotiate with gatekeepers. Most clients will conduct 8 to 12 conversations in that same hour calling session.”

About Eagle Point Software

Since 1983, Eagle Point Software Corporation has been developing solutions running on top of AutoCAD, AutoCAD® Map 3D®, AutoCAD® Civil 3D®, AutoCAD® Architecture, and Autodesk® Revit®. By offering products and services that complement the Autodesk family of products, we enable our architectural and engineering clients to solve unique problems and simplify their work utilizing our specific add-on applications in conjunction with Autodesk technology.

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