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Dialing Up Sales: How Koncert AI Takes the Pain Out of Cold Calling

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Let's be honest - nobody actually enjoys cold calling. Sitting on the phone for hours on end, listening to endless rings and voicemails, trying to catch people at just the right time to have a conversation feels a lot like a Sisyphean exercise in futility. But cold calling remains one of the most effective ways for sales teams to connect with new prospects and drive revenue.

That's where AI-powered dialing solutions like Koncert come in. With advanced dialing algorithms and natural language capabilities, AI dialers automate the tedious task of working through call lists so your sales reps can focus on having high-quality conversations. AI takes the pain out of high-volume outbound prospecting, nurtures leads, and gives your team superpowers to close more deals. 

Curious how AI dialing can revolutionize your sales org's cold calling? Read on!

From Manual Dialing to Power Dialing

Let's start with a quick refresher on the different dialing methods sales teams use: 

The Stone Age: Manual Dialing

This old-school technique requires reps to physically dial each number by hand. No automation or intelligence involved. Reps manually work through long lists of prospects one call at a time.

Pros: Gives reps maximum control over which prospects they call and when.

Cons: Extremely time consuming and inefficient. A rep might only connect with 10-20 prospects in an entire day.

The Bronze Age: Power Dialing 

With power dialing solutions like auto-dialers, outbound calls can be dialed by the system automatically. When a prospect answers, the rep gets connected immediately. 

Pros: Increased efficiency and call volume compared to manual dialing. 

Cons: Still requires reps to sit and listen to lots of rings, voicemails, busy signals and wrong numbers. And power dialing alone doesn't use intelligence to qualify prospects before connecting calls.

The AI Revolution: Intelligent Dialing

AI dialers combine the scalability of power dialing with smart algorithms that filter out all the noise, so reps only get connected with prospects.

Koncert's AI works like a competent assistant, absorbing the repetitive grunt work so reps can focus entirely on selling. The AI handles:

  • Dialing multiple line simultaneously
  • Detecting voicemails, busy signals, fax machines
  • Navigating IVRs and phone trees
  • Identifying and connecting with prospects

This leaves reps free to have productive conversations that convert prospects into leads and customers.

Other AI dialing advantages include:

Increased Productivity

AI dialing can increase outbound calling productivity by up to 10X compared to manual dialing. A single rep can connect with over 300 qualified prospects per day.

More Conversations

By automatically filtering out all the noise, AI dialers ensure reps spend more time actually speaking with prospects. This increases connect rates and the number of meaningful conversations.

Instant Visibility

With Koncert's dialing dashboard, managers have real-time visibility into calling activity. See which prospects are being engaged right now. Monitor call handling and rep performance.

CRM Integration

Koncert's bi-directional CRM sync maintains a constant flow of up-to-date data between calling lists and your CRM. No manual uploading or exporting needed.

Compliance & Security

Koncert is SOC 2 certified for data security and meets all TCPA regulations.

The Secret Benefits Of AI Dialing

AI dialing improves outbound call productivity and efficiency - but its positive impacts extend much further. Here are some of the underrated ways AI dialing enhances sales performance:

More Time Selling

Since AI handles the busywork, reps get more time to actually sell instead of sitting through interminable rings and holds. This maximizes revenue production from your sales team.

Happier Reps

Nobody likes wasting time on menial tasks. By automating dialing and navigating calling activity, AI dialing enables reps to focus on higher value activities like converting prospects. This leads to higher job satisfaction.

Fresh Data Hygiene

Koncert's CRM integration ensures clean, up-to-date prospect data hygiene. No more wasting calls on dead leads. This streamlines efficiency and improves connect rates.

Better Forecasting

With a constant pulse on real-time activity and performance, managers can more accurately forecast deals and revenue in their sales funnel. This supports smarter goal setting.

More Coaching & Development

Freed from manual dialing, managers can spend more time training reps and nurturing their professional development. This supports talent growth.

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Key Features of Koncert's AI Dialing Platforms

Koncert offers AI dialing platforms tailored for different use cases and calling volumes across sales teams. Here are some of the standout features:

AI Flow Dialer 

  • Single-line Dialing- Ideal for sales reps who need to quickly cycle through prospect calls between other activities.
  • CRM Integration- Bi-directional sync with Salesforce and other CRMs.
  • Call Monitoring- Managers can listen in on calls and provide real-time feedback.
  • Up to 5x Productivity Increase- versus manual dialing

AI Parallel Dialer 

  • Multi-line Dialing- Reps can call multiple lines simultaneously to maximize prospect engagement.
  • Superior AI filtering- Advanced algorithms provide a high degree of accuracy identifying and connecting live prospects.
  • Detailed analytics- Pre-built and customizable reporting provides data-driven insights.
  • Up to 10x Productivity Increase- versus manual techniques

Flexible Configurations 

  • Available in both Salesforce native and web application versions 
  • Call recording options 
  • Real-time call monitoring and whisper coaching 
  • Custom CRM objects and workflows

Get Ready for the Future of Outbound Sales

Cold calling isn't going away anytime soon. But AI advancements are making this essential sales activity smarter and more efficient. As AI capabilities grow more sophisticated, expect to see dialers that:

Optimize Timing

AI will determine the best time and channel to reach different prospects based on historical data and calling outcomes. No more guessing when people might be available.

Personalize Messaging

Dialing AI will customize greeting scripts and messaging for each prospect using contextual cues like job title, company, location and past interactions.

Analyze Conversations

Algorithms will be able to listen to past calls and provide feedback to reps on how to improve their pitch, objection handling, rapport building and closing skills.

Predict Outcomes

AI will calculate the likelihood of prospects converting to opportunities based on various engagement signals and data points. This will enable more accurate forecasting.

Discover the Power of Koncert AI

Cold calling will never be a fun activity. But with intelligent dialing solutions from Koncert, it doesn't have to be a slow, painful grind either. Our AI eliminates the busywork so your team can focus on having meaningful conversations that drive revenue.

Ready to transform your outbound prospecting? Let us show you how Koncert's AI can help take your sales org's performance to the next level.

Request a demo today to learn more about integrating our AI dialing platforms. Dial up sales the smarter way!

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