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ConnectLeader and G2: How do Reviewers Really Feel?

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Think you know how our customers feel about ConnectLeader? Customer reviews are the best way to find that out, and the ones on G2 provide unbiased reviews from B2B salespeople who use ConnectLeader on a daily basis. Read on to learn how we fared in the G2 Spring 2020 reports.

The Spring 2020 release of G2’s reports brought praise for ConnectLeader, including the following reports of note:

  • Best Relationship (the #1 top performer with a score of 9.68) in Relationship Index for Outbound Call Tracking | Spring 2020
  • Momentum Leader in the Momentum Grid Report for Outbound Call Tracking | Spring 2020
  • Leader in the Enterprise Grid Report for Outbound Call Tracking | Spring 2020 and the Grid Report for Lead Intelligence | Spring 2020
  • High Performer in the Enterprise Grid Report for Account Data Management | Spring 2020 and the Mid-Market Grid Report for Lead Intelligence | Spring 2020

Outbound Call Tracking

For G2, the term “Outbound Call Tracking” refers to software that allows users to call leads directly through the solution and record call and prospect data in a CRM such as Salesforce. These solutions are used to quickly contact prospects to discuss sales opportunities and are most commonly used by inside sales representatives, business development reps, and sales development reps.

Products that were included in the Relationship Index for Outbound Call Tracking | Spring 2020 received a minimum of 10 reviews and five responses for each of the relationship-related questions featured in G2’s survey by March 03, 2020.

Defining the Relationship

The Relationship score (and ConnectLeader was #1! Go us!) is affected by the following, in order of importance:

  • Customers' reported ease of doing business with the vendor based on reviews by G2 users
  • Customers' satisfaction with the product's quality of support based on reviews by G2 users
  • Customers' likelihood to recommend each product based on reviews by G2 users
  • The number of reviews received on G2; buyers trust a product with more reviews, and a greater number of reviews indicates a more representative and accurate reflection of the customer experience.

What ConnectLeader Customers Told G2

G2 Crowd’s report resulted from more than 120 reviews that ConnectLeader customers submitted. Our customers had many kind words to share, including:

  • “A game-changer for sales reps and outbound teams!”
  • “With ConnectLeader, we’ve seen an 80% uptick in booked meetings year after year.”
  • “The best dialing software I have ever used!”
  • “Such a huge time saver!”
  • “Must have resource for inside sellers.”

See all the reviews here. Thank you to our ConnectLeader customers who contributed to G2’s reviews—you inspire us to continue moving forward for further sales engagement excellence.

Not yet a ConnectLeader customer? Reach out to us here at ConnectLeader today to see how to help your sales reps, SDRs, and BDRs increase revenue and reduce B2B sales cycles with the combination of a multi-channel sales cadence, including embedded video, and sales dialers. Simply click here or give us a call at 800-955-5040.

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