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Automate Your Sales Process with Efficient Sales Dialers

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The best businesses are constantly finding ways to innovate to make their teams more effective. And after the pandemic, consumers and companies operate in new, unique ways. Take, for instance, the growing shift in work-from-home sales and support teams. Those employees need tools to remain productive despite not being in the office.

Likewise, companies selling into the B2B market must adapt to the new ways their consumers purchase products. B2B firms are looking to streamline the buying process, and if you don’t have an efficient way to conduct outbound business, you’re digging yourself a hole!

The cloud-based sales dialer is a growing piece of equipment in sellers’ toolkits. These dialers help enable highly productive remote work, provide automated features ideal for sales managers to better coach and improve their scattered teams, and support integrations that improve productivity. Explore why implementing a sales dialer into your tech stack can benefit your teams and produce a better customer experience without breaking the bank!

Why Use a Sales Dialer?

Outbound and cold calling might sound simple, but in fact are challenging to salespeople, especially those working remotely. They’re even more complicated when having to dig through contact information, call lists, and directories of phone numbers. A sales dialer eases that process by providing functionality that benefits your sales agents. When implemented you can see some of these benefits:

  • Increased productivity - Sales reps can focus on conversations, discovery calls, setting meetings, and closing
  • Workflow automation - Quality sales dialers eliminate mistakes in manually updating customer information. Through a bi-directional sync with your company’s CRM, call dispositions are automatically added into the prospect/customer record, without the risk of misspellings, or the rep forgetting to add in the activity. Also, working with a Cadence program, the next activity will be triggered - whether that be another call, a specific email follow up, a reminder to send a webinar or video link - whatever strategy that is in place.
  • Time savings - No more manual dialing, searching for contact information, or fumbling for notes on prior customer interactions - all of which take time away from sales functions.
  • Increased conversion rates - Automated dialing means more calls, reaching more prospects, for more conversations and relationship building. All of which lead to more sales.
  • Integration opportunities - Koncert provides a native CRM integration with Salesforce, but other companies offer integrations through APIs.
  • Enhanced customer support -Take the pressure off admin tasks so sales reps can focus on the sales process, wowing clients along the way



Go for a dialing platform that offers a variety of dialing options: power dialing calling two or more lines at once for long prospect lists; single-line dialing for specific campaigns; click-to-dial for individual calls that need to be kept in the CRM system for various reasons. One-size-fits-all dialing generally is not ideal, as sales teams’ requirements and company strategies are not static.

Top Sales Dialer Tools on the Market

Sales dialer software can unlock untapped potential in your sales professionals. However, not every provider offers the same level of quality. The best sales dialers on the market come with standard features like the ability to take inbound calls, user-friendly interfaces, and CRM integrations. These providers offer the expected benefits and more — proving to be the best on the market!


Most providers focus on one or maybe two types of dialers. Koncert has five. Koncert has a dialer solution for every business need, Discover each of Koncert’s dialers:

  • AI-Powered Parallel Dialer - Call up to 10 lines at once for outbound sales, for pickup rates that allow salespeople to have several productive calls in a single session. Your customer info displays from the CRM instantly when a call is picked up, allowing reps to know who they are speaking with and what previous call dispositions have been.
  • AI Flow Dialer - A single-line dialer with the AI power to navigate through voice mail (dropping pre-recorded voicemails, recording call dispositions, moving uncallable numbers to a “parking lot” for further research, etc.)
  • Agent-Assisted Dialer - Up to 10x faster than other dialers and ideal for large-scale B2B selling. Don’t rely on an algorithm. Instead, rely on professional human agents who can get past IVRs, phone trees, and gatekeepers - and transfer the calls instantly to the sales reps! 
  • Flow Dialer - A non-AI list-based power dialer removes manual dialing and allows agents to focus on selling with full bi-directional sync with CRMs such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and more.
  • Click Dialer - Koncert’s click-to-call dialer is faster than manual dialing, and calls connect seamlessly into Salesforce or Koncert Cadence for an easy follow-up!

Every Koncert dialer comes automatically with Cadence, a fully functional cadence tool for managing communications with prospects. In addition to a sales dialer for any dialing situation, every Koncert dialer includes a local caller ID management program, with a proprietary Heat Map to monitor the local numbers’ use. Koncert’s dialing platform is SOC 2 Compliant and meets STIR/Shaken and GDPR, and TCPA standards.

Best practices for using auto-dialers include using lists created from current, in-house CRMs so that the call recipients are opted-in business prospects who are researched. Also, utilize a platform like Koncert’s Agent Assisted Dialer, which uses live reps behind a parallel dialing application, and helps connect your prospect to your business more effectively by navigating IVRs (phone trees), gatekeepers, and voicemail, connecting to the sales rep seamlessly.


HubSpot is one of the most well-known selling platforms currently available. It allows you to build lists within its system that make workflows easy to follow and automatically dials each lead based on them. The HubSpot Call Tracker software displays customer information in your CRM before each call to prep agents.

HubSpot’s software operates via VoIP or standard desk phones and offers call recording and playback from within the CRM browser. HubSpot is affordable for smaller businesses.


DialPad is a cloud-based, AI-powered phone system platform that automates data entry for sales teams so they can focus more on selling conversations. Where DialPad attempts to separate itself is through the entire communication platform, including email and SMS messaging.! 

DialPad also tracks call volume and sentiment to help identify qualified leads. Plus, sales managers enjoy real-time recording and curated playlists for teaching and coaching moments.


Another cloud-based solution is Aircall. Aircall gears products toward call centers thanks to the power dialer feature, which dials contacts and enters customer information into your CRM. The dialer integrates with CRM from various providers in addition to help center and other performance management integrations. 

Aircall doesn’t just utilize its power dialer to significant effect; it features preview dialer capabilities to better support outbound calls. Leaders find analytics dashboards useful for real-time lead management, call routing, and agent performance.


SalesDialers is actually a suite of software solutions that include dialers, sales tools, and other data resources. It’s also a cloud-based platform with CRM integrations to boost productivity.

SalesDialers functions like a parallel dialer in that the software uses multiple lines to boost the chances of landing a live prospect. The comprehensive suite offers telephone verification, customer instruction notifications, and local caller ID.


Outreach can be a numbers game, and the number of calls agents can make ultimately depends on how fast they can dial. Phoneburner focuses on providing a power dialer that claims up to 4x speed performance over manual dialing. Once an sales rep finishes a call, the software automatically dials the next number in the list of contacts, automating workflows. 

In addition to speed, Phoneburner offers lead distribution, so everyone on the team has a fair crack at high-quality contacts. The program provides automated voicemail drops or automatic emails if a lead doesn’t answer.

Utilize Effective Sales Dialers with Koncert

It’s no secret that an effective sales dialer can improve your business’s efficiency. By switching to a cloud-based solution, you can start experiencing some benefits you never thought possible in a dialer. Your agents will spend less time dialing and searching for contact information, allowing for a streamlined approach to sales calls. The time savings takes the pressure off salespeople allowing them to focus on selling, not contact info.

However, updating a cloud solution would be pointless if you invest in a subpar provider. Many of the big names promise results that are entirely possible, but many of them only have one or two dialers. That’s where Koncert leads the pack. With five dialing software options, there’s a sales dialer for you, and you can explore all the features by requesting a demo today!

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