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Sales Engagement: This is How Koncert Cadence Differs from Its Competitors

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Your company invests a lot in securing leads and developing salespeople. Why not maximize productivity and sales conversions with the best sales cadence software solution? Unlike any of its competitors, Koncert Cadence will ensure systematic lead contact across multiple channels, including phone, email, and social sites. 

Your sales team can also enjoy a competitive advantage by using Koncert Cadence to improve personalization and productivity, no matter how rapidly you scale. Take a moment to learn the benefits that you will enjoy with this sales cadence software and why no competitor can match the benefits.



Improve Sales Engagement with Koncert Cadence

Typical sales cadence products focus on automating a sequence of general emails. This approach limits results because it doesn't encourage conversations between salespeople and prospects, offer much personalization, extend reach, or help pair multiple contact points.

Consider three ways Koncert Cadence offers more sales engagement than its competitors:  

1. Multi-Touch Sales Cadences

With Koncert Cadence, sales professionals can connect directly with prospects by creating multi-touch cadences that might include phone, email, video, text, and social touches. In addition, a sales team can develop unique cadences for different products, verticals, or even stages within a sales funnel.

The product doesn't impose any limits on the number or kinds of touches either. This allows for unlimited customization and plenty of testing of different tactics.

2. Personalized Communication

Salespeople can personalize messages before having the software automatically send communication via email or social networks. This gives sales teams a chance to enjoy the efficiency of automation without sacrificing the benefits of greater personalization.

Templates for follow-up emails keep salespeople from having to compose a new message each time. Managers can even devise templates that make sure communication always adheres to departmental standards. Your salespeople will benefit by saving time, adding personalization, and complying with the rules.

3. Pair Emails and Calls

Pairing phone calls with emails work better than relying upon either channel alone. For example:

  • You can also use the software to track the prospects who have opened your emails or filled out a form, so you can make calls when you know they will have the greatest impact.

Use Full-Stack Sales Software for Amazing Productivity Improvements

Sales teams have combined Cadence with Koncert's multi-channel sales engagement platform for productivity increases of up to 800 percent. The dialing stack from Koncert includes AI Parallel Dialer, AI Flow Dialer, Human Agent Assisted Dialer, Click Dialer, Local Presence, Coaching Module, and Voicemails.

With these productivity tools, you can keep your salespeople from wasting time on manual tasks. This helps relieve drudgery and gives sales teams more time to sell.

Enjoy the Clear Advantages of Koncert Cadence

Some other clear advantages of this sales cadence software include:

  • An auto-advance sales cycle: The system runs smoothly without getting clogged or confused if something misses a beat, allowing your salespeople to maintain their momentum.
  • Integrated A.I. for lead scoring: The software employs predictive intelligence to prioritize contacting the best leads first. This software also learns as it works by analyzing over five billion data points, so it helps you perform better over time.

Sales Cadence, especially when combined with Koncert's sales dialer stack, can benefit your sales team by reducing manual effort, producing better and more timely communication across multiple channels, and allowing salespeople to personalize messages as part of the regular communication flow. You can maximize your investment in leads by processing them better, and you can maximize your investment in people by giving them the best tools.


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