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Do More With Less: Winning Sales in a Tough Economy

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According to a 2021 Gartner study, a full 94% of B2B purchasing decisions are made during organizational change. First-time or growth purchases may be going to a team that is unfamiliar with each other, not just your product. Even decisions to re-buy an existing technology investment are often made with new stakeholders or decision-makers in place. Agendas may be different, company goals for sales may be different, even perceptions of value may be different from when the product was initially adopted.

Add in the pressure of an uncertain economy that might be heading into recession belt-tightening, and the challenge of selling is made that much more difficult. Is the decision-making committee going to truly understand how valuable your solution can be for their business? Especially when they may be new themselves? This is your challenge. 👍

Messaging Is Everything  

Don’t be vague. Your prospect is looking for reasons to say no to any new expense. Can you promise efficiency? Can you supply a tool that makes the decision maker look smart? The first is a message where you point out features. The second is just as important and requires a diplomatic touch.   

  • Efficiency: This is a key message in economic tough times. There is no room in anyone’s budget for a “give it a try, why not?” kind of approach. Use data from current clients (with all identifiers removed, of course) to prove how their performance jumped once they were using your product, from where they were before. Ask your references to supply information to your prospects about how much more efficient their workflow became, or how your product became a force multiplier, so they could do more with fewer resources.  
  • Look Smart: Who doesn’t want to be the hero? At the same time, no one wants to bring on a new, potentially expensive solution and have it bomb. Your solution needs to show Return On Investment (ROI) quickly. Let the decision-maker know that your commitment to their success continues after the sale. If you offer Customer Success teams, or amazing Customer Support that will help on-board and engage the product users, this will help them make the decision. Because they won’t be alone in bringing enthusiasm to the learning process of starting a new technology. They need to be assured that their team will engage and adopt your solution happily – instead of what often happens: a new process they might see as foisted on them by a new boss. 

Create a Sense of Urgency

We happen to be living in a world where there’s a lot of great automation happening quickly. In a world where there’s lots of anxiety and FUD (Fear, Anxiety and Doubt). To most decision makers, one of the greatest fears is that their competitors are moving at 10X the speed their own sales team is.  

Your sales message needs to harness the positive – helpful rather than fear-mongering – but at the same time make sure that the decision maker understands the urgency needed. Your tool is necessary to keep up with competitors.  

Have an ROI calculator to hand when doing sales calls. Let your prospects see it during online calls, working their numbers. Show them that with your solution, they can meet their goals faster, as they keep up with their competitors.  



Use the Power of Volume  

By using a power dialer such as one of Koncert’s suite of dialers, you’re reaching far more prospects than salespeople could in years past. This gives sales teams an opportunity for improvement that is above and beyond the idea of many more calls and conversations. Those additional connections provide practice.  

When you first start out in sales, you stumble over words. You may talk too fast. You may stick too closely to a pre-written script and be unable to flex into a human conversation. All of that is normal. The more practice, the more sales conversations, the better and better each salesperson will become. SDRs will transition to Account Execs more quickly. The entire team will benefit.  

Especially if the sales team is coached to listen to their own recorded calls, they can’t help but improve. Salespeople, learn what works for YOU – change your pitch. Find your voice. Find what works best as you speak to prospects, especially in cold calls 

Offer a Do-More-With-Less Kind of Tool 

When budgets are on the line, asking for a new expenditure can be painful. If a new leader is over the team, he or she is looking for a tool that allows them to expand the team’s capabilities without hiring more personnel. The solution? A tool that does just that and can prove its worth quickly.  

Using a parallel dialer in sales, for instance, is a complete force multiplier. Instead of hiring five new SDRs to increase outbound calls, the dialer, used with a good cadence product, can easily increase the productivity of a single SDR by 5 times. This is no exaggeration.  

With the game plan changed, what do these customers need to help them survive until the next boom times? They need a Do-More-With-Less kind of solution. That message will resonate. Can you provide it? Show them you can. 

Do More Sales For Less - with Koncert 

Sales Enablement tools are exactly that. Power Dialers and Cadence tools lower risk, reduces sales costs, and increases efficiency of sales teams – without increasing headcount.  

Koncert’s dialer platform offers five choices of dialers – and even combinations of them – to give each customer a customized solution specific to their team workflow and needs. And, every single dialer comes automatically with Cadence software, to enable sales teams to increase their efficiency exponentially. Working with CRMs that teams already have, these dialers are designed to make them easily adopted and widely used by the sales team, to quickly make a difference and show the wisdom of the decision makers who bring them on.  

Try a demo today👇 and see how your bottom line could benefit from Koncert’s suite of software solutions!   

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