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Drive Sales Productivity with Integrated Sales Engagement

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Need to increase your B2B sales productivity? One way to do so is to use multi-channel sales engagement technology that identifies your best leads, eliminates busy work, and boosts pipeline. Read on to learn why the strongest integrated sales engagement solutions offer customized sequences for sales teams that incorporate best practice sales cadences.  

With a multi-channel sales engagement solution that incorporates cold calls, emails, video, text, and social, your sales reps will know exactly what they need to do at every moment in the day with each customer in order to build their strongest pipeline. 

Integrated and multi-channel sales engagement products such as TruCadence improve sales productivity and deliver real-time insights across sales functions:

  • Sales teams become both more efficient and effective when sales engagement platforms are deployed within their CRM. They are able to place calls and send templated emails according to pre-planned cadences.  Prospects are prioritized based upon third-party intelligence and analytics around the best time of day to call.  Activities such as email opens, click-throughs, downloads, and notes are captured and automatically synced with Salesforce.
  • Sales Managers have greater insight into the performance of their sales reps allowing them to provide real-time coaching based on analytics and attend calls in whisper mode. 
  • Sales Operations and Marketing Managers have greater visibility into the campaigns that resonate with buyers and which messages have high click-through and download rates.

These benefits are available both within Salesforce and on a standalone basis.

Salesforce Dialing

The best B2B sales engagement solutions offer multiple sales dialers, allowing sales operations to tailor solutions for the needs of their varied sales teams across their company.  A click dialer provides on-demand dialing from within Salesforce, allowing reps to review account histories and notes before placing the call. They can also select prospects from their uploaded call lists.  If the phone does not pick up, users can leave a standard voicemail. Call histories are recorded and sales managers can review outbound call reports and a unified analytics dashboard.

Click Dialer 2

With Personal Dialer, sales reps remain in control of their dialing. The B2B sales reps control the call navigation and conversation and can upload lists from their CRM. Remote coaching allows sales managers to listen in on calls for new hire training and for assisting on critical calls.  When the rep needs help, the manager can whisper advice in the rep’s ear.

Personal Dialer 3

With Team Dialer, sales reps skip all of the front-end work trying to reach prospects.  Instead, trained human agents support the initial reach out and pass live calls over to sales reps. Thus, reps spend little time navigating organizational structures, trying to bypass gatekeepers, and leaving voice messages. Instead, they can focus on prospect messaging, account planning, and communicating the value of their offering.

Team Dialer 3

All of this dialing is conducted within Salesforce with outcomes tracked by the dialer and synced with Salesforce. Furthermore, the dialer delivers reports and recommends the best time to call, the effectiveness of various messages, and the success of individual reps.  

Salesforce Emailing

TruCadence also offers a deep set of email functionality including email templates, multi-channel cadences, and task queues. Other features include unsubscribe management, read receipts, click-through tracking, reply tracking, and document attachments.

personalized email

Cadences allow sales operations to build and optimize multi-channel sales outreach campaigns into target prospects. Reps may personalize the email or send pre-tested messages. And because the emails are part of a broader cadence, the rep does not need to worry about scheduling future steps or determining which channel (phone, email, social) to try next.  All of the outbound activity is automatically tracked and recorded within the CRM.

Who and When to Call

Knowing who to call and prioritizing those calls is critical for B2B sales productivity.  Along with cadence tools, a sales engagement platform should provide leads with firmographics, technographics, and intent intelligence to assist with prioritizing calls based on custom models.  When leads are matched with intelligent data, they can be immediately scored and prioritized for sales reps allowing them to focus their attention on the best prospects throughout the day.

Sales Engagement services reduce the busywork of sales, assist with lead prioritization, ensure messages resonate, and provide insights and analytics.  The days of blindly smiling and dialing are over. 

Reach out to us here at ConnectLeader today to learn more about our entire suite of sales engagement software, including TruCadence. Simply click here or give us a call at 800-955-5040.



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