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7 B2B Sales Strategies to be a Prospecting Superstar

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As a sales manager or sales rep, you’ve surely heard broad statements like “Cold calling is dead” or “Cold emails don’t work”. The problem with statements like that is that they’re wrong and usually based on one person’s attempts that didn’t work for them. They do work for the right people who have the right strategies and use the right tools.

Cold calling is alive and well.

Cold emails work.

And when you put the two together as part of your multi-channel sales outreach for Addressable Market Coverage, well, that’s the recipe for sales success.

Read on to learn the changes you need to make to your B2B sales engagement for prospecting success and get ready to rock your conversions.

Cold Everything

In a webinar with SalesIntel titled “The Cold Everything Secret to Sales”, our Director of Inside Sales, Joe Cronin, introduced the term “cold everything”. What does that mean? Cold everything refers to using cold calls; cold emails; cold social; and cold video all together.

What is sales engagement? Read this blog.


We know that some people don’t pick up calls from numbers they don’t know, while others skim through their emails and move most of it to trash without even looking at it. So just using cold calls or cold emails won’t work for those people.

However, if your B2B sales prospecting includes all of it – calls, emails, social touches, and video – in OneBundle™ of a multi-channel sales outreach, you’re going to use at least one way that your prospect does respond to, and that’s how you’ll get their attention.


Tips for Sales Prospecting Success

Here are our top sales prospecting strategies at Koncert to increase conversions and revenue:

  1. Smart outreach. Before you start to dial, or send an email, use buying intent and sales data to reach out to the right people.
  2. Use all the channels. You can’t just email. You can’t just dial. You can’t just send a LinkedIn request. Do it all together.
  3. Include a video. When you send a video in email or in a LinkedIn message, that outreach feels targeted and personalized. The recipient will feel like you want to talk to them specifically instead of sending a mass message.
  4. Reach out with intent. Get your sales-based intelligence from a company like SalesIntel or Bombora. Once someone from that list who has shown buyer intent clicks on your cadence, you should make that call first since you know they’re interested.
  5. Connect. Go to your prospect’s LinkedIn and find something to reference in your email or connection request. This shows that you want to talk to that person, and people find it irresistible to receive a message that is that personalized to them. Even if they don’t reply to your message, you’ll show up in their feed if they accept the request and over time, they’ll feel like they know you (as long as you post often). That makes it more likely for them to accept the call when you make a follow-up cold call.
  6. Social swarm. If there’s an account that you want to get into, send a connection request to every single person at that company on LinkedIn. This will give you a better shot at finding your way in.
  7. Dial at the right speed. With our human Agent-Assisted Dialer, you can dial fast and have six to 10 B2B sales conversations in just one hour, instead of three to five conversations in one day. Or you can use Click Dialer or Workflow Dialer to dial slowly for those moments when you want to think before making each call.

How can your sales team do all of the above strategies each day to be a smart seller? They can’t unless they have a sales outreach tool like Koncert Cadence that will help them define, optimize, and use a workflow sequence of tested sales outreach steps across all channels (phone, email, video, and social) from prospecting to closing.

Ready to make this year your best sales revenue year yet? Reach out to us here at Koncert today to learn more about our entire multi-channel suite of B2B sales engagement software, including Koncert Cadence and Koncert Dialer. Simply click here or give us a call at 800-955-5040.



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